Below you will find the presentations of the International Conference on landscape Observatories, 9 & 10 February, Amersfoort


Berno Strootman (National Advisor on Landscape & Water, Committee of Recommendation Landscape Observatory NL): 
                 Landscape qualities in times of transition 

Pere Sala i Martí (Coordinator Observatori del Paisatge Catalunya): Experiences of the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Mauro Agnoletti (University Florence, Italy):
               Experiences with the National Agricultural Landscape Observatory Italy and the Regional Landscape Observatory of Tuscany

Juan José Galán Vivas (Aalto University Finland):
              Experiences of the National Landscape Observatory of Finland

Gerrit-Jan van Herwaarden (LandschappenNL):
             Development of a National Landscape Observatory in the Netherlands

Claudia Cassatella, (Polytechnic of Turin):
             Overview of Landscape Observatories in Europe 

Dirk Gotzmann (Director CIVILSCAPE): Involvement of civil society in observing the landscape

Juan-Manuael Palerm Salazar (University of Las Palmas Gran Canaria):
            Experiences of the Landscape Observatory of the Canary Islands

Eric Luiten (University Delft, Committee of Recommendation Landscape Observatory NL):
             Why is landscape so important for our current society?

Maria Graça Saraiva, Isabel Loupa-Ramos & Veerle Van Eetvelde – Towards a local
            Landscape Observatory in a Montado landscape. Which dimensions to explore?

Martin Goossen - Monitoring the touristic values of European landscapes

Mourik Bueno de Mesquita - A Latin-American experience of landscape observatories,
            focussing on national professional level and a famers’ observatory initiative, both from Peru

Rosário Oliveira, Marta Rodrigues & Carlos Granada - Landscape Observatory of the Local
            Protected Area of the Serras do Socorro and Archeira in Torres Vedras, Portugal.
            How can landscape management assessment make a difference?

Chris Bolton & Andy Wharton - Monitoring landscape change – combining national and
            local evidence through people engagement